Morvarid  ,

more than a name  - means : Pearl

 the Symbol of beauty and quality .

" Morvarid Sanitary ware Mfg. Co." under the two brand names of  "Morvarid" and "Plus" is the leading manufacturer of sanitary ware in Iran.

“  Morvarid Sanitary Ware Mfg. Co. “ ,began its production with the capacity of annually 3,000 MT in the industrial zone of Yazd province in 1989 , and now by utilizing the modern technology such as robotic and digital systems , high and low pressure casting machines ,as well as using the materials of the highest quality ,has been able to increase it’s capacity by 12,000 MT  per year ( more than 2500 pcs per day ) and overcame the state boundaries.

It is our great honor to be the first industrial unit of Iran who could obtain the universal standard certificate of  ISO  9001/2008  from France and Germany as well as obtaining the foreign standards of SASO and SONCAP for exporting to Saudi Arabia and Nigeria and at the same time to be able to obtain the Environmental Standard of  ISO 14001/2004 and OHSAS 18001/2007 .

Presently after more than 22 years , “  Morvarid Sanitary Ware Mfg. Co. “  has been governmentally recognized as the well-known and credible company among the Iranian producers and exporters , and by exporting its products to the international markets of the world , it has been able to enhance the great name of its country among the important international companies and supply its products with the equal level of  beauty and quality of the world.

“  Morvarid Sanitary Ware Mfg. Co. “ by fully distinguishing and comprehending of the ever-changing process of the world as well as the feedback of the globalization and ever-growing competition of the markets , has been able to meet the needs and satisfaction of the people as the most valuable assets of the company.

“ Plus “ is the first foreign brand which is now being produced by collaborating with the international well-know companies in foreign countries under the  license and TQC of   “Morvarid Sanitary Ware Mfg. Co. “

The products of this new brand “ Plus “  , are all of  unique design and beauty  , highest quality ,  reassured with the equal grade sorting and has been able to meet the needs , satisfaction and delightness  of the customers.

The staff and the managers of  “  Morvarid Sanitary Ware Mfg. Co. “ hope to be able to fulfill their mission in presenting the proper services to the  society.

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